Greg's Famous Hot Sauce: Harsh Tongue

Greg's Famous Hot Sauce: Harsh Tongue


Greg's Famous Hot Sauces are made in single batches with seasonal ingredients, each variety is unique and never the same thing twice. Made at Fox & Fig Café in Savannah, Georgia, Greg cultivates connections with local farmers and growers to provide a product that captures the energy and flavor of the environment.

7/10 heat rating

 *Refrigeration allows for a longer shelf life and also tones down the heat level. For safety and freshness, keep at a stable temperature.

Ingredients: Vertu Farms cayennes, Autumn’s Harvest habaneros, Spade & Clover Hawaiian red turmeric, SC watermelon juice infused with Billy’s Botanicals passion flower, apple cider vinegar, FL grapefruit juice, B Becker’s chocolate bhutlah, Jay’s peach ghost, BB mama pink 7 pot, Scotch bonnet, Bahamian goat and Carolina reaper peppers, Kosher salt, birds eye chilis, SOS Chefs Tasmanian pepperberry

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