Foxy Blend and Black Fox Cold Brew Sample Box

Foxy Blend and Black Fox Cold Brew Sample Box

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It's no secret, we proudly serve locally roasted PERC Coffee! PERC Coffee created our exclusive Foxy Blend and Black Fox Cold Brew Blend. Our sample box is a great option if you want to try our blends out or perhaps this smaller size is just right for you. Either way, get your fox on!

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Foxy Loxy Cafe and it's affiliates are proud to exclusively sell and serve locally roasted PERC Coffee. PERC Coffee searches the world for insanely awesome coffees. Sourcing seasonally ensures the coffee is always at the peak of its potential. They craft unique roast profiles to highlight each coffee’s natural wonders. Their passion and attention to detail extend beyond the roast. In everything they do, from seed to cup and every stop between, they are driven to deliver memorable experiences.