Ethiopia Kayon Mountain

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain

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Blueberry & Fudge

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We’ve had a few bangin’ naturals recently, but this fresh-crop Kayon Mountain might just take the cake. It's the quintessential natural Ethiopia with big notes of lavender, blueberry, vanilla, honey, and fudge. It’s got a muscular body like my man Ronnie Coleman – yeah buddy! Ronnie used to say, “everybody want to be a bodybuilder but don’t nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight.” Well I guarantee you’ll lift them heavy cups all the way to your lips, “lightweight!” So strap on your tiny purple banana hammock and oil up those guns… “ain’t nothin’ but a peanut!”

Farm: Kayon Mountain
Region: Oromia
Zone: Guji
Town: Shakisso
Elevation: 1900 – 2400 MASL
Process: Natural
Variety: Heirloom varieties
Harvest: 2019

The road south out of Addis Ababa leads straight to coffee country. The new highway toll road makes travel to the lowlands quicker than ever, but the pace This is a grade 1, organic certified Arabica coffee from The Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm in the Guji zone of Ethiopia's Oromia Region. Established in 2012, the farm started with the aim of producing high quality coffee in a socially and environmentally responsible manner; it is privately owned by Ato Esmael and his family.

The farm is a 240 hectare plot in fertile sandy clay loam soil beneath a canopy of natural forest. The farm is organic certified, and uses animal dung as its main source of fertilizer. Coffee is harvested from October to February by people from local villages. Some of it is washed, fermented and dried on raised beds and the rest is left for the production of high quality natural processed coffee. Freshly picked coffee cherry is washed with the low density beans being channeled away for a lower grade. The clean high grade coffees are then placed onto raised beds where for around 12 to 20 days’ drying time it is meticulously hand-turned and picked over to remove any defect beans. Finally, the dried cherries are milled to reveal the beautiful natural processed coffee beans which undergo further sorting to remove any remaining defect beans.


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